“Peacock” by Ryan – FitW Winner!

Congrats to Ryan, our next FitW winner! Read his winning poem “Peacock.”

Congratulations, Ryan!

You are the next winner of the Fachucha is the Word: DPL Poetry Contest!

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Ryan Lencki


Footprints near tides is what I know how to best to be.
Leaving something for a moment beautiful,
but not permanent.
Hands a second clock on a timeline.
I’m not always who I need to be,
just who’s expected.

Our last writing prompt was: “Write a poem about a…

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“Look!” by Maximilian – FitW Winner!

“Look!” by Maximilian – FitW Winner!

Congratulations, Maximilian!

You are the next winner of the Fachucha is the Word: DPL Poetry Contest!

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Maximilian Reid


She pointed to the night sky,
And she gasped,
Look at all those stars -
That MOON -
Look at how big it is -
It’s like -
It’s like going to the IMAX -
No – the OMNIMAX!
Isn’t it awesome?

And I tripped on the sidewalk
And I laughed
And I put her on my…

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"Almost" by James - FITW Winner!

And the first #FITW winner is James Jackson! - Read his winning poem “Almost” here:

Congratulations, James!

You are the winner of the Fachucha is the Word: DPL Poetry Contest.

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by James Jackson

From a distance approaching, I see the green bright;
A familiar yet haunting expression of light.
The yellow is welcomed, though brief in its presence,
I draw close to the gleam and grim incandescence.
My guess is forgotten, my hunch is amiss.
To pass through successfully…

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How to Less

How to Less

 “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.”

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was celebrated as a titan of fashion, but as an artist of style, she understood the power of simplicity as much as any great poet.  As writers, we often do not leave our best work on the page because we don’t edit enough.  It’s not a literary sin, but it is a tragedy when we are not able to offer more…

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As poets, we traffic in sharing what we remember. And, sometimes, memory is less an unforgiving chokehold than it is an iridescent dandelion: beautifully elusive in its coloring, an unsnarable whimsy in its flight. When poets flock, we often do so because…

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Amiri Baraka: Bloodline

Amiri Baraka: Bloodline

“To revere art and have no understanding of the process that forces it into existence, is finally not even to understand what art is.”

Amiri Baraka died today. And, in the death of such a seminal poet who, since the 60s, has somehow always been the…

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cruel mothers are still mothers.
they make us wars.
they make us revolution.
they teach us the truth, early.
mothers are humans. who
sometimes give birth to their pain. instead of children.
birth lessons, nayyirah waheed (via nayyirahwaheed)

(via yesikastarr)

The Death of Writer’s Block

The Death of Writer’s Block

inspire, verb: from the Latin, inspirare, to breathe onto or into”

I suggest to you that writer’s block does not exist. That it will, like the boogeyman or shame, go away if you refuse to believe in it. Healing is often about replacing bad beliefs with…

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Checkout our Poet Profile on: Emotions the PoetView Post

Checkout our Poet Profile on: Emotions the Poet

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lounge fam Maceo Paisley releases his debut video!

Summer begins now